Individual Career Assessment

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The website is a useful resource for getting to know more about various careers - if you are unsure about what a particular career entails, you can go there now and search for your career, learn more about it, and come back here then to complete the rest of this form. My Next Move is an American website, so allow for some cultural differences, but you should still be able to get a good overview of the career in question.

What attracts you to this job – tick as many boxes as you wish (required)?

Meeting people Working as part of a team Working on my own
Creativity Making a contribution Leading others
High standards Travel Working from home
No travel involved Major challenge Relaxed pace
Opportunity to progress Opportunity to make big money Suits my lifestyle
Complements a hobby I have Community-based Seasonal
Working with a particular age demographic Working with a particular sector of society Good employment opportunities

What, if anything, would worry you, or turn you off, this role?

Location Salary range Repetition
Highly pressurised Too much travel Long hours
Excessive expectations I'm too young I'm too old